What Every Landlord Should Know About Property Management

What every property owner must learn about apartment management preferably, prior to you purchase your first rental building.

What Is Property Management? Why Landlords Need Rental Property Management Services

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  1. Joey Tune says:

    Great video! I was actually thinking about purchasing a property in my
    hometown but i am considering moving to another state so ill just wait on
    that, got any advice on how to research properties and neighborhood in
    cities your never lived in?

  2. Bill Rowan says:

    Hi Phil….Thanks so much for these videos. I’ve learned so much. I have a
    strategy question. Over the last couple of years, I purchased 3 investment
    properties that I rent out. I took 15 year mortgages on each so that they’d
    be completely paid off right around when I get to retirement age. They
    would be cash positive on 30 year mortgages but are all slightly cash
    negative on the 15 year mortgages. I have good income from my primary job
    so it’s easy for me to handle the amount I’ve got to contribute. Do you
    think the 15 year mortgages were a mistake?

  3. Jaron Pope says:

    Great video Phil…thank you very much.

  4. John Sarlak says:

    good tips, thank you

  5. William Buglehall says:

    Thanks for the SetOut story, made me laugh. I started doing rentals on a
    small scale about 11 years ago and only had to evict once, which brings me
    to my suggestion for any would be landlords. DO NOT rent to your friends,
    your family, or friends of your family. The one eviction I had was a guy I
    had known for most of my life and was a friend of my father. That is an
    emotional process you don’t want to go through.

  6. pkclan.net says:

    Absolutely fantastic video and information Phil!

  7. Torbjorn Bergstrom says:

    +Phil Pustejovsky Thanks for this. It is the best advice someone starting
    in “property management by purchase” I’ve ever seen on line or read in any
    of the many books on this subject. I’ve often repeated the statement by
    Robert Kiyosaki that “your home is not an asset.” — I say it goes beyond
    that and that it extends to your rental properties. — The building
    doesn’t mail you a check every month only your tenant’s do.
    Also I second your advice to hire an attorney who will handle the
    collections for you. I laugh about it because it’s more fun than crying but
    “representing myself” I’ve never lost in housing court and I’ve also never
    collected a penny.
    Again, thanks for this great video.

  8. City Rehab Investments LLC says:

    “Dont go to the set out” lol.

  9. David Morris says:

    Wow, this was harsh but maybe something we(a property management
    company) needed to hear. It is good to hear the other side of the
    argument(that people should do it themselves) and know how to anticipate
    their objections. Thank you for your video.

  10. wnc817 says:

    Sounds like attempted murder to me. Did they press charges?

  11. Monique Breeden says:

    What if you live on the property of the set out? :-/

  12. windbreeze tv says:

    appreciate the channel.

  13. dorianwest76 says:

    Thanks.. Just listening.. What is a good percent power month to pay a
    property manager

  14. MishuTaste says:

    Don’t go to the set out? How are you supposed to make sure your property is
    secure once it’s cleared?! I think you should be there to change the locks.
    And if the tenant damages your car, the sheriff should arrest him/her on
    the spot. 

  15. Wendy eckenrod-Green says:

    Excellent! Thank you!

  16. Darnell W. Grinage says:

    Hi Phil, great video! Question for you, since you look at the cashflow from
    rentals more as “funny money” that will be reinvested into the properly to
    handle verious issues do you look more towards the future when that
    property’s loan is totally paid off and there is greater cashflow coming in
    from the investment?

  17. Dwight Leslie says:

    hello I have been looking at some of your video..i like what you be talking
    about ..i have a question for u if I was interested in a abandoned house
    end its no mls number for it how do I get to know who own it with out going
    to the court house… if u have a idea let me kno. THANK YOU!!!! 

  18. Nikola Tipuric says:

    What really gets me about your videos is listing of the actual individuals
    titles and real estate language, i.e. Eviction attorney, homestead law
    (previous video), which gives us a starting point to research the topic and
    learn about it. Your base that you set forth here on you tube is a
    fantastic start. I can only imagine what your apprenticeship programs are
    like. My plan is to contact my old realtor who is also an investor and ask
    for him to be my mentor and see if he would go in on deals(creative deals)
    that I find and let him be the funds in case we need incentives for the
    owners to complete the deal. I figure that’s a good start when you have
    very little to start your wealth. Hustle and research for funds,seems
    fair. Do you feel that would be fair?

  19. Finlay Brewer says:

    Having the right person handling your property can make renting easier for
    you, but only trust this job to an accredited manager.

  20. Mr SongWriter says:

    Hey Robert – Glad to hear that you think this is so easy however I think
    you are possibly a little bit naïve regarding this topic. At 19 years old
    you haven’t had enough experience to be able to form such an opinion. As
    someone that has managed a multitude of properties for the last decade, I
    can tell you that this is not an easy business at all. I look forward to
    your post on the subject after you have put your time in and actually have
    some real experience under your belt. My guess is you might see it

  21. Darrell Finch says:

    In 1995 I began a career in real estate. You definitely learn something
    new in property management every day. It’s a great career!

  22. VT UK says:

    What is #Property #Management ?

  23. Doug Wansley says:

    Steve G, remember, renting directly from an owner has considerable risk.
    Most owners don’t know what their state’s landlord-tenant laws are (your
    rights and their responsibilities), and some just don’t care what the laws
    are. To who do you turn when the landlord fails to maintain the property?
    Also, I’ve seen many owners recently who rent cheap to rent fast, get
    sizable security deposits, then pocket your rent until the house finally
    forecloses. To whom do you turn when that happens?

  24. TheAlininja says:

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