The very best method to build a building portfolio – YPCtv Education

UK Building specialist and bestselling author Brett Alegre-Wood addresses the question “What is the best way to build an apartment portfolio” Firstly, he discusses the best ways to build a portfolio …
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  1. Stijn Roeles says:

    read the book death on inflation. Interesting that its not so comon as we

  2. delsol7878 says:

    Such an old method… equity loan after equity loan….

  3. Will Singh says:

    I’m using this strategy but on a 5 year system and then if properties start
    to rise I will start remortgaging every 2 years until I have 10 properties
    in my portfolio 

  4. boo doo says:

    So many assumptions in this video. The banks are not stupid.

  5. andy orell says:

    maybe in UK which I have no idea.. but if I wanted to buy 3 houses on the
    lower end I need to show that I can afford it with my salary.. ?

  6. gaffer91 says:

    yeah i saw that – if you’re worried about that then just get locked into
    fixed asap, although i think the boe are being way too premature here given
    the hardly improving unemployment, manufacturing figures and massive lag in
    europe; i envisage that if they go this way, they’ll just have to reverse
    their policy further down the line

  7. dislexic landlord says:

    depends on how big your investment bussiness is

  8. TheChatos89 says:

    Im 23 years old and have a fair bit saved up and this is really helpful
    info, i like it because there is no sales pitch its just a mechanism and
    accumulated experience being displayed

  9. v patel says:

    Thanks…liked the video 🙂

  10. dislexic landlord says:

    you can not depend on capital growth this model works with riseing prices
    but fails if you have no capital growth IM a very experinced Landlord and I
    save deposits at present 30% deposit works now and gives positve cashflow
    You can not do this overnight you need to take your time build strong over
    a very long time

  11. gOneferalinc says:

    Good stuff..

  12. NZPropertyInvestors says:

    Personal loans can be expensive from banks and it is usually sort term. if
    you have some equity in a home or investment property you can use asset
    lander, solicitor nominee lending or what they call in the US hard money.
    this money is usually around 9%-12%. still expansive and not suitable long
    term or if one doesn’t have secured income. it could be good for trading
    property short term.

  13. dislexic landlord says:

    Personal Loans are great for deposits as long as you pay them back quick I
    try to do it in one year The Plus point of personal loans is no arrangement
    fees no valuation fees and there fixed I know most investors can not afford
    them but if you can afford it its a very good way of moveing forward at

  14. NZPropertyInvestors says:

    Yes agreed, im just using one for 30 days until a sale is settled / closed
    on. its expansive money boot also fast to be approved by my banker without
    going to credit with full application.

  15. DontTestTheX says:

    It’s called a snowball… The safest way to profit is to buy 100% cash.
    Good video. Nice t-shirt, is that Ralph Lauren or Lacoste?

  16. andy orell says:

    I am in USA, banks dont lend you again when you have a morgage already
    unless you show that you can pay it with your own income. I am currently
    paying my first morgage that I bought 5 months ago. I am planning to pay it
    in 3 years ( 235k). I want to start buying lin the lower end market since
    is the best one to make money by ratio compared to higher ones. around 65k
    homes produce that money back in 6 years. I could pay for the $65k cash,
    but if I wanted to follow your model how would I do it?

  17. Rajendra Babu says:

    absolutely right. most of the people are losing their money in penny stocks
    without much guidance. dont think its funny, These professionals are being
    with us always to guide us to choose and trade in proper way. have a try
    now here >->

  18. YPC Group says:

    Thanks gOneFeralinc

  19. gaffer91 says:

    i don’t buy into that – the global economy is going to stagnate for the
    next 5 yrs and this will be reflected in low rates – my advice is buy real
    estate now esp in europe

  20. Sang3ETA says:

    Does nobody remember interest rates hitting 19% in the 1980s? If you don’t
    believe it Wikipedia “Fed Funds Rate”. Beware taking on debt at low
    interest rates!