Property Management – Should Real Estate Investors Hire Property Managers? – Are Property Supervisors Much better Landlords Than You? Here’s a Video on the Pros and Cons of Making use of Home Management … Hey, this is Frank Chen with, the …
Video Rating: 4/ 5 – Right here’s our freshly updated Buildium Software application Evaluation, revealing all the new online apartment management software application functions, a step-by-step video walk through …
Video Rating: 4/ 5

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  1. David Morris says:

    The part about property managers keeping 100% of the late fees was pretty
    interesting. In Dallas, it seems 50% is the standard.

  2. David Morris says:

    Very good, I thought you did a very good job of breaking it down and really
    explaining it.

  3. Ron Phillips says:

    Debating hiring a property manager? Check out some of the quick, basic pros
    and cons to consider:

  4. sammen89 says:

    Do property managers cover repair costs from their 6-10% cut? (And whatever
    upfront fee)

  5. Comfort Zone Air Conditioning AH Corp says:

    We’re here to take care your air conditioning properties in Central Florida
    and South Florida.

  6. Nathan Borne says:

    Thanks, Frank. I am an ARM. I appreciate the recommendations!

  7. paul soto says:

    great video as always thanks Frank!

  8. says:

    Frank I’m a 27 year professional property manager with tons of credentials.
    Your members might be interested in the landlord training available at my
    site. We have affiliate deals available too. Regards, Todd Breen

  9. ncaltara says:

    Thanks again Frank!

  10. reiclub says:

    Hi Tevin, I wouldn’t recommend it. Entire purpose of wholesaling is for
    you to make all the money, not share the profits. Wholesaling transactions
    are usually pretty clean cut, and you should be completely capable of doing
    them on your own.

  11. Glenn Lehman says:

    You indicated we might not dedicate the energy a property owner might. I
    agree Property Management is not for everyone. At Lehman Property
    Management one of the things we have found is that some do it themselves
    owners, who work weekend to get things done, cost themselves more in rent
    lost to vacancy. Also, I just ran into an owner I used to work for he
    dropped us to save money. BTW he was trying to get almost 6k in unpaid
    rent. Part of the evaluation should be the owners skill set.

  12. reiclub says:

    Thanks everyone who left a comment!

  13. says:

    Hi Frank – great video series. Don’t forget NARPM (National Association of
    Residential Property Managers), the best resource for single family home

  14. Michin co says:

    thanks Frank! great video!

  15. Tevin swain says:

    Hey Frank my name is Tevin. I was just wondering if I could use a property
    manager to wholesale a property?

  16. Dorak Management says:

    Hi Frank, we at Dorak-Management always give 100% attention to managed
    properties. This is reflected by tenants as well as landlords with a tons
    of positive feedback. The goal is to provide professional service and
    individual approach. Hard work is to gain the trust but more and more
    landlords chose peace of mind over …..pounds 😉

  17. opinionatorX says:

    Once the software runs the credit and background check, does it render back
    an automatic approval/denial, or do you manually determine the approval?

  18. GhetoWitchDoc says:

    can i use this outside of the u.s.a?

  19. Trevor Mauch says:

    Thanks Steven!