Property Development in Melbourne

The year 2014 ended positively for Melbourne property market with it being a big boom for the developers in the city. Within the past two years, the city’s real estate sector has been a star in performance as compared to other Australian cities. Melbourne real estate is one of the most active and successful in the world and several factors have played a great role in influencing both sellers and buyers towards making the city’s real estate a success, and property developers Melbourne is one of these factors.

One of the significant influences in Melbourne property boom is the Victorian state election that occurred in November last year, and the readily available cheap finance. The interest rates charged there are at a record low, and at just 2.25 percent, it is clear enough that all this incredible factors are very conducive for the success of any property market.

Some of the property developers that have been big players in Melbourne property market, and whose contribution in the industry can’t be ignored include:


-Beck Probuild

-Altus development property LTD


-LK Property Developers

There is a great imbalance between property sellers and buyers in Melbourne, with buyers highly outnumbering the sellers and this situation is going to remain the same for the rest of this year. The good thing is that there are several property developers Melbourne with reputable credibility and the required expertise to serve their market with the required effectiveness.

In Melbourne, a leading property developer is that which stays at the forefront in providing their customers with stylish, yet affordable property in the highly sought after locations of the city. They provide a wide range of styles to suit the equally wide range of property buyers that usually include:


-First home owners

-Local investors

-Foreign investors

It is not clear yet how new rates will influence the Melbourne housing market growth. Both the Australian real estate body, REIA, and have forecasted price increase across Melbourne in the better part of 2015 and the next year, but at a pace slower than the heady gains experienced in 2014. The record low interest rates is most likely to stimulate the housing market activity in the city.

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