NBC News – Investing In Life Insurance

Investing in life insurance can be an important asset in your investment portfolio.

Another all over the map conversation. Gold, News, Currencies and so on. Join the Junius Maltby channel today.
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  1. Junius Maltby says:

    liberalism is a religion. The radical fundamentalist views of liberals,
    are forced, yes forced upon “non-believers”. Liberals send men with guns
    to take money from those who worked for it and give to those who do not
    have it. That is some ISIS type violence right there. Charity is the
    role of religious institutions, and those who wish to give. I give on my
    own accord. It is not the responsibility of the Federal Government to
    distribute my wealth. Liberalism is a religion based on force, theft,
    violence, conformity, and intolerance. Liberals will not tolerate anyone
    who does not conform to their world view and their RELIGION. Liberals
    celebrate violence and embrace the STATE and dispatch armed men to take
    people away, take their property and put them in cages called prisons for
    not CONFORMING and OBEYING the STATE. Liberalism is violence, Liberalism
    is DEATH.

  2. Akeman says:

    Gold actually was very close to even last year 2014 in dollar.
    In all other currencies, gold did very well, aprox 10-15% thank’s to the
    strong dollar.

  3. Redfeather Gear says:

    JM, just found your channel. What originally prompted you to acquire gold
    (and I assume silver) and how long have you been doing it? 

  4. Harry Kraus says:

    Your reasonable voice was sorely missed. I join many others in hoping that
    you are recovering well.
    “Good ideas don’t require force.” A truly patriotic point of view. As a
    nation we have strayed so very far from that mindset.
    Many thanks.

  5. Atobe Qaisy says:

    Keep up the great work love your videos hope your doing better with your
    eye treatment and you forgot to mention that gold became higher than
    platinum in us dollar for today for a long time it didn’t reach this levels
    btw thank you and keep the boring channel rock on hehehe

  6. Maurice miraail says:

    I got through the video LOL with bathroom breaks of course! thanks for
    putting in the time to make the video

  7. Derek Walker says:

    It’s not force/violence any more than contract enforcement if you don’t
    accept ancap property preferences.

    Even beside that it’s a terrible argument because the whole point of
    statism is that the rich subsidise the poor so we all get the same service,
    be it healthcare/law/policing.

    I’m ancap too, but these ‘gun in the room’ arguments are really awful.

  8. Junius Maltby says:
  9. Eden Signal says:

    Smart move by the Swiss to protect the franc, QE in Europe is gonna be
    messy. Alpari is the sponsor of the football (soccer) team I support here
    in London, they will have to play with a blank top on Saturday.

  10. Abel guy says:

    I appreciate your videos very informative. Like your whole Pokemon card

  11. Closet Stacker says:

    Very appreciated 🙂
    I love the long ones! 

  12. Scottish Coins says:

    YouTube uk pulled one down when I told them they were very surprised.

  13. SOUTHERNPRIDE246 says:

    Good video, i agree completly with your assesment on currency traders.
    Glad to here that you are healthy, hope it stays that way. We need more
    people like you trying to spread the truth. Way too much bullshit out

  14. veritasfiles says:

    I prefer the long videos. I hate it when people do videos that are 2 to 5
    minutes long. I listen to a lot of stuff while I’m getting other work
    done, and it’s annoying to have to constantly be switching back & forth
    between screens every couple of minutes.

  15. workwillfreeyou says:

    Thank you very much Mr. Maltby. I’ve looking very closely at the entitled
    people. The S.S. program. the State, County, City, Federal workers. The
    Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. All of the Welfare and now Disabled(
    disabled in the tens of millions that get no mention). The burden is
    crushing for the private sector workers. 

  16. Trivium56 says:

    I may have gained from the swiss pokemon battle with the euro, just pleased
    I was on the right side. I enjoy trading on the forex and treat it as a
    gamble even though I always use low leverage but it’s no where near equal
    to the enjoyment I get out of stacking 🙂 . Horses for courses, eggs in
    baskets and all that 🙂 Great job on the videos, I always look forward to
    the next.

  17. Joanis Merdok says:

    I hope the chinese SELL all US DEBT they own….. I want to wake up and
    poop in pants when i look at the price of gold and silver.

  18. Liquid says:

    Please get a better mic 

  19. MrUlfang says:

    Great news on THOSE Channels. I wonder if they pop up with another name
    sometime in the Future. The D Train headed to Station Broke. The R Train
    headed to Station Broke. We The People should, Well That is Each Persons
    Own Choice.

  20. hotneo7 says:

    Swiss sanity prevails. Jump the QE ship. They know what’s coming…

    Locally, the wages stink. STINK. Companies are wasting their time hiring
    and training people only for them to use that job hopping to land a better
    paying one if they are lucky or quit and go on welfare. The wages for many
    in America is between minimum and living wage which is not the formula to
    buy a house or retire much less jumpstart the economy like it did
    generations ago. The more you examine it the more sense to stack gold
    because the government is just going to blow up the debt to pay for
    entitlements. Let’s take a look at one small example:

    A worker is classified as involuntary part-time, they would like more hours
    but can’t. Now in a perfect world ie the good ol days, a worker could work
    one part time job with full shift and the other days repeat that with
    another job. Making a full time job in two locations. In present time, the
    companies monopolize their worker’s unpaid personal time expecting them to
    be on-call and on a short leash. The worker is given a half shift and the
    schedule changes up to the day off so you can’t even hold a second job.
    That workplace sabotages your ability to get additional income since they
    weren’t offering a full time job. Often jobs don’t want workers to have
    second jobs because it makes scheduling difficult for them. So essentially
    the worker is hand-holding the company being flexible at the detriment to
    the worker’s income. Baby Boomers don’t know how good they had it when they
    could hold a full time job right out of high school and hold it to
    retirement. Imagine a life where you had one job interview! What a dream!
    So back to the plight of today’s workers who’s frustration has cornered
    them into welfare to make ends meet. Government spending goes up. More
    money is printed and gold just goes up and up.

    Speaking of spending Obama wants to make community college free in the next
    State of the Union. The government puts a teenager to shame when it comes
    to spending it all and there’s nobody to cut the card. Also it looks like a
    war could happen anytime especially with the oil prices used as a weapon
    against Russia. Maybe it takes a war to put $5/gallon for gas.

    What it looks like is the Swiss is leaving the poker table with dignity
    while the rest can outbid each other until the table flips over.

    Happy New Year JM!