Getting Started in Real Estate Investing in Seven Basic Steps Do you wish to invest in realty, but have no idea ways to get going? This video is going to walk you through the 7 steps you need to comprehend in order …
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  1. BiggerPockets says:

    Here’s some Sunday morning motivation for you from Brandon of the
    BiggerPockets Podcast!

  2. Celine Crotty says:

    Great Video, Brandon! Thanks for giving us all the advice FREE!!

  3. BiggerPockets says:

    Looking to get started investing in real estate? Don’t miss this fun and
    quick YouTube video staring Brandon of the BiggerPockets Podcast!

  4. STL boy says:

    Teen here looking for somebody to help teach me the ins and outs of the
    Real Estate game.

  5. Addicted 2 Real Estate Investing says:

    A good video for newbies. This video is going to walk you through the
    seven steps you need to understand in order to find success as you begin
    investing in real estate.

    This video was created using information from the BiggerPockets Ultimate
    Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing

  6. Joe Cruz says:

    Checkrzsz out this video on YouTube:

  7. Mitchell Jamel says:

    Watch this VID and then call me for some sweet deals… I’m not just a
    Realtor… I’m a real estate investor !

  8. REI Marketing says:

    These are great tips. I agree that education is the key to success. The
    strategy is also important to focus on one thing and get good at it! If you
    try to go in too many directions at once it just creates confusion and
    nothing gets done. Eventually you will learn and add other strategies but
    it takes time. Nice presentation!

  9. Christopher Nunez says:

    Short and sweet. I’ll be checking it out. 

  10. Barry F says:


  11. kalimeraHellas says:

    why seven like the seven candles? Ah, I guess!!!!

  12. Nweke Godwin says:

    Nice presentation

  13. Ben Ross says:

    Step 5 pay for your investment.
    If your investing for short term such as flipping, borrowing money or OPM
    is certainly a way to succeed.

    When I invest long term, I use cash. If you want to buy rental properties,
    you will need to own them clear to retain a decent profit. Profits vary
    greatly depending what part of the country your investing in but this
    principle rings true not matter where you live.

  14. Jonathan Perez says:

    I love it. Brandon is awesome. 

  15. Ben Ross says:

    Finding a niche is more than the kind of real estate you want to buy. It is
    finding a special service or servicing a customer in a special or unique
    way and making money from that. For example, If you buy a home for cash,
    then decide you want to finance someone else creatively without them
    meeting “banking criteria”(and you can because there are no banks
    involved), you have a niche. Niches are critical in this business. Niches
    can often flucuate, morph or disappear depending on market conditions.

    Strategy is a lot more then making money with that niche. It involves
    formulating a business plan with a specific blueprint or model (strategy)
    aimed at accomplishing various short and long term business goals.

  16. Michael Evans says:

    Good advice. With our Real Estate Investment Association would promote
    these concepts.

  17. Mary Stead says:

    thank you, great outline

  18. Judy Home Trends says:

    Brandon you rock & Josh too of course 🙂 –BP beginner’s guide will be
    helpful to my NJ real estate investors! Then of course after
    reading–taking the plunge and start investing!

  19. Ben Ross says:

    Mastering the Market

    This is something I don’t think any of us ever quite do. Just when we think
    we got it mastered it kicks our butt. However, we should always try to grow
    and further our understanding of the market. Just be prepared for

  20. Leisa Alexis says:

    Brandon, thanks for this video and all the videos you make they are a great
    inspiration for me. I just need to find a mentor quick so I can make a
    move and stop feeling paralyzed!!!

  21. Lloyd Segal says:

    Thank you for all you do Bigger Pockets!!

  22. ren van leer says:

    Short and sweet…