Best Genuine Estate Investor – Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Father Poor Dad Author – Investment Approaches (We are searching for item) See our call to action for coaches.
Video Score: 4/ 5

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  1. AffordableREI says:

    Robert Kiyosaki DEFINITELY inspired me to start doing real estate, and then
    to start teaching it to others. He’s good, and he knows it.

  2. OregonCoastGhost says:

    I just started reading his real estate book. Pretty useful and simple to
    follow thus far. In regards to this video, what’s up with all the cheesy
    out-of-place sound effects?

  3. Phil Ganz says:


  4. Kris Bonilla says:

    When Robert Kiyosaki speaks, you shut up and listen

  5. noe name says:

    Very wise.

  6. Dane Jessen says:

    Everyone should watch this… “Don’t mistake your liabilities for assets.” 

  7. James Willinsky says:

    Robert Kiyosaki is the real deal in real estate! Or at least in selling
    books on it! lol

  8. Dane Jessen says:

    “Don’t mistake your liabilities as assets.” This sort of thing caused a
    fundamental shift in my financial understanding! Definitely worth the 30

  9. Malcolm Melo says:

    Learn from your own and other people’s mistakes. Save some your Money..

  10. Malcolm Melo says:

    So what If he got Bankrupt, Life has Ups and Downs. Keep your money in
    Check and be ahead of the Game

  11. Create Passive Income Streams says:

    Love Robert Kiyosaki!

  12. Jennifer Mbaegbu says:
  13. World Wide Dreamers Basecamp says:
  14. Robert Henslee says:

    One of my favorites – Share your thoughts.. 

  15. James Jeremiah says:

    Robert has helped open my financial …success eyes!

  16. Rath Wije says:

    Thank you sir.